Saturday, August 25, 2012

Designer Padded Toilet Seats by World Wide Mfg. Co.

 Cloud Soft Embroidered Padded Toilet Seats

2012 - World Wide Manufacturing Company in Saint Augustine, FL has added more custom options for your CloudSoft padded toilet seat embroidery design.

Cloud Soft Wreath Embroidery Silver Thread on Jade
Over 40 Background Colors and Many Designs
More Embroidery Colors and More Custom options with our Monogram and Expressions embroideries. Monogram Padded Toilet Seats available in many thread colors and two fonts- Script or Block Letters. High grade vinyl color choices for your background - Over 40 color options in Solid Colors or Marble Tones.
Monogram Padded Toilet Seat

Cloud Soft Embroidery- Golf Logo White on Black
Cloud Soft Padded Toilet Seat Embroidery- Hummingbirds
Cloud Soft padded toilet seat embroidery- Autumn Leaves Beige on Natural

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Anonymous said...

I've been buying the Cloud Soft brand for years! These padded toilet seats are thick and provide great support and comfort! I change them out way before they even need it cause they last so long and I like to change up the colors in each bathroom =)